Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Lord are you kidding?

OK so I so Gol Eesh and Whoa Nelly but has it really been a year since I have put something down in this here blog? I am planning on writing more not that anyone cares. Valentine's still sucks a year later, but the photo of the real Loverboy Dennis Condrey says it ain't so. I got an I Tunes gift card, some candy and stomach cramps and the brown water runs for 09. The best memory I have of Vday is not flowers and romance but cropdusting a couple with a heinous thai food fart in 07. Smell the love.

What has happened in a year:

Almost broke up, almost moved out, almost almost.

I saw AAA live in San Jose. My love for Chessman is > most

I still resemble a water balloon with a ruber band tied around it (at least not a grape on tooth picks.... yet)

Much more but I am doing this on the fly at my job. Who knows how long this will last? Will the earth hurry up and end soon so I do not have to go through the trouble and being fake for interviews etc.