Thursday, January 31, 2008

Words cannot describe the hate

So yesterday I started this and had to end it. Once again writing on the sly is tough. I was angry yesterday but today i am just out of it. I guess there is some anger. I work with a lady who is a living arrogant scrap of cancer. Our office is in turmoil and I can imagine shutting off my computer for good and going home to watch the Watts set. It has been a long time since i have been around someone that i cannot find one positive trait about them. Anyhow, i was thinking of characters and villians in life and movies and i thought of one that i hate almost as much as my co-worker. Paul Reiser in Aliens. Such a money hungry sniveling bastard just like my co worker. I imagine my co worker getting ready for an appointment with her hat and makeup looking great and backing into the alien's jaws and him splitting her in half with the tail like he did to the nice robo man (Lance Henrickson). As i think about this i smile and think i can make it through today.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ECW 1-29-8

I guess I should do an introduction but not today time is a tickin'. I am one of those rare guys that does not have a computer at home so I do all my surfing, posting etc. on the fly at work. When it is slow it is great but now I am in the trenches working long days for well not a lot of anything. Maybe I will do a proper one over the weekend when I come in to ... you guessed it work. So currently I am working on the Watts Mid South Ballot from Death Valley Driver. It is a great project where you rank 150 matches. I am about 12 in right now. The first night of viewing was great but last night's was mediocre. Part of it may have been I was tired from a long day at work and some if it may have been just not in the mood.

*note this has been added to 2-1-8
I did watch ECW which was a fine little night of TV. I was shocked that i didn't totally hate the Diva section which was Victoria squashing Kelly Kelly. Kelly actually didn't totally stink it up and did a nice rope assisted flip into an arm drag. I wish they would have Victoria be the head prison bitch and Layla and Nise Gail Kim could be her lover/cronies. I have this movie I taped off of Showtime that for one is really hot but does a really good job in showing the prison girl dynamic. The great thing is they turn face at the end oh and did i mention the boobs. Sorry wrestling wrestling angles. I think Layla is probably my favorite of the ladies (i hate the term Diva) either way curly hair or straight she is a nice looking woman. There is a huge part of me that just hates the fact that WWE gets rid of or cannot think of anything to do with enter name here but they hire and focus on bikini models. It never fails if i turn on WWE in the gym or am watching at home with the girlfriend some awful Diva shit comes on. Who knows maybe i am just gay that i want to see a Dick Murdoch more than a Torie Wilson. But I could get into a prison women clique and my dream would be for Balls to rescue Kelly Kelly and all 3 gals taking chair shots. Imagine that!

I liked the Mikey Whipwreck idea with the Colin kid. I could enjoy a Dreamer/Colin tag team. WWE must have just figured out about the underdog loser angle as they are also doing it in OVW with Ted the Trailer AKA Manbeast. They showed the clips which show what a great bumper the kid is. I guess next week they are having a tag match. It would be great to see a great old brawl with Dreamer and Colin against someone.

Punk vs. Burke was short but pretty good. They have done this match a lot and i wonder why Burke is not being as featured these days. I loved the New Breed angle last year and those were some of my favorite matches. A rag tag bunch of misfits, a vampire, school teacher and two brothers. This weeks match was short and I loved that when Burke had the chin lock, rear nake hold that he wrapped his legs around Punk. The finish really kind of came out of nowhere.

So the main reason I tuned in was to see the 2nd match of Kofi Kingston. I saw his debut and was pretty jazzed. He actually had some really unique offense. This week he had Rob Eckos who i think is from the Philly Indies. It was decent but i am not so sold on his spin kick finisher. It seems that sometimes the E has troubles coming up with finishers. But Kofi has IT and i really look for him to be a big deal this year.

ECW was fun this week and i did not feel like i wasted precious Watts time watching it. I am hoping to someday do a good old fashioned zine and one thing i want to do is a fantasty booking part and my first project is the ECW roster. Yup Stevie Richards would be my champion. Maybe i will post it here instead.

So i guess i should get back to work. I have a ton to do today and not a lot of zip. But as i drink a Slim Fast and think of the Watts viewing tonight i will smile. I may write more later.