Saturday, March 5, 2011

A week late of End of Age... It is over

Note: I was writing a rapid fire a day kind of pome for my last year on this rock at the ripe old age of 36. I am not sure why i feel somewhat let down with myself that i did not stay the course and crank out one a day, but hey that is life sadly in this day and age. The Friday one i have combined with a recall writing from this Sat. AM and part of one i scribbled down at work while in between being putting on hold and being yelled at by doctors and pathologists. I carried this scrap around for most of this week so i might as well use some of it. Saturday the last official day i could fire something up but instead i think i will leave the one line i started and then was drawn away from my computer for something probably important as scooping cat litter or switching laundry. It seems to sum up the day in its own way. My pre birthday was some of the good and the bad, good cheesecake, a few good cards, the usual. So now i am a year older and a few steps closer to head long sliding into the big dirt nap. End of note (thank God):

The Last Friday of my 36th Year:

The last good time feel good day of the week for a sad could have been guy
A week later to scroll this and I cannot recall the details, some…
A night out not realized, an excuse run to the store for cheese for dinner and a side of treat yourself baseball cards
Beforehand check my balances…well raise my rent
Pretty sure I dozed the sleep of dozers and slept in shifts
Who cares says Fonzie… “You ain’t cool you’re chili”
This morning had potential
It started with a song and ended with a snore

The Last Saturday of my 36th Year:

I’m your kid sister receiving your laser beam eyes