Monday, October 26, 2015

15 Minutes GO! Review for Tenement AKA Slaughter in the South Bronx: AKA Game of Survival

I am not sure why I cannot be a nice boy, man child who settles in nicely. I am just as confused as to why I enjoy uncomfortable movies that can be crass and gross. I don’t like horror or should I say I do not like gore for gores sake.

It’s Monday and I am writing this in 15 minutes, taking the time out for my dry computer blank eyes to be working on work to fuck off for 15 minutes while looking over my shoulder. I don’t want to tip my hand that not only am I watching a movie on the shot clock but I now write about them too. Opening a Costco size box of worms (Sam’s Whole Sale Club if you are in my homeland).

Sunday was a big day for some people I know. Maybe the biggest, earth shaking event. A nice old hotel with character housing a reasonable wedding but with a lot of window dressings and trimming for a second go around. 

For some reason I made an odd choice of viewing for a Sunday mid-morning, especially if I was going to be seeing my recent extended family. Maybe I created some one man performance art writing piece in my head to watch a grimy movie like Tenement and then go to an expensive shin dig. Maybe before having to put on a pleasant and well-mannered face I should watch a good 80s comedy. But this was the purchase draw of the amazing triple set I got from from reading a recommendation on Rupert Pumpkin Speaks blog (one of the best blogs around me thinks).

There are times when movies affect me in a negative way, not the go out drinking or crying jag but when I am uncomfortable and start to wonder what does this look like to the outside world if they happened to look in? I fancy myself a good guy who normally does the right thing but why am I watching a movie when an older lady not only gets her throat slashed with a straight razor but also gets a passionate kiss from a thug to boot? Why? 

Tenement kind of put me in an odd mood direction when I started it the night before. Some of the hoods played it very camp and Chaco’s broken English kind of took away some of the edge. It almost kind of lulls you into a false sense of security. This is just more of a NYC Gang that Couldn’t Shoot, Apple Dumpling group with leather right? Wrong. 

As I was clock watching to get prepared for a drive to a nice family wedding I started to fidget. I was kind of balking at the film and started wondering why I am watching this film that you can practically smell. The set location is no set and the super looks like he may actually be the super of the building. 

The story involves angel dust smoking (I wish they would have emphasized more of that is why the gang decided to go all in with the murdering of a whole group of struggling residents) and not just survival but some revenge. The acting is not great but has its own charm.

At some point I relaxed and I really got into the film. What brought me around was the gore surprisingly enough. Not that the effects were great but it showed this was true guerilla, small film making on a slight budget. There are many small nuances in the story that beg a discussion and I just wish I had a film friend who lived closer by who I could go out to a nice coffee with and discuss this grimy film in a nice location who would not question why the hell are you watching this filthy film?

Grade: Solid B+

Sunday, October 18, 2015



I once was on a down projection, a downhill slope running off my mouth (still ringing ears true)

I was told that reading books about downhill racers who eventually took their own lives in the course of many musical notes was not helping my case or cause

But that too tight drum sound with a snap and flare of the wrist reminds me of why I am happy to be around still

I don’t want to miss anything, no matter how slight 

I romanticize and speculate in droves, I think it is a warm forehead flush with blessing but some (mainly one voice) say I need to Map Quest GPS my way out of my head 

But I will take this filling in the gaps, rule of thirds to go:
That basement surely had not only a sound but a smell
One of damp drywall and wet concrete

That drum sound took some time to get it just right, moving the mics and trying not to hit too hard, no that is not what is needed in this piece

Plus it’s getting late and every creak of the floor boards upstairs made the spine tingle with anticipation of a tired roommate or possible neighbor who could not hear sports center at top volume

I imagine it was late, almost three not quiet four when he with a slight grin and feeling of accomplishment clicked the light off at the top of the stairs 

A personal celebration of a walk in the damp morning, pulling knit cap down a touch more

Stop off at a convenience store, soaking up a different unique kind of night life and just feeling like ‘Hey I get it, I really get it and life is pretty great right now’

A soda and a snack and another lap around the block, the warm bed will feel good with a slight breeze over the top of the covers

Tonight something happened and maybe it didn’t happen this way but that rim shot sound of beauty always talks volumes of “those” moments to me