Monday, March 28, 2016

The year of 2016 in Personal Cinema So Far...Part 2 

I am doing OK with my movie watching and not doing so well with my creative personal output IE poems, scripts, reviews, meanderings etc. I want to make sure I have just as much output as input which is tricky. Or hell (say that in a Nick Nolte way) maybe just living your life in a certain way is artful, to observe and make a mental note is something. Anyhow, I have seen a few films and for the most part have gotten something out of them all. Here is the list and a bit blurb (yeah i should get with the times and Letter Box but...)

The Witch (VVitch): I think this may have been a hooky day from work. I had an amazing Chorizo breakfast and went to first Friday showing. Amazing, beautiful film that invoked so much dread and atmosphere. Everyone raves about the teen girl but Caleb stole the show for me, especially in his fever state.
Harvey Scrimshaw Picture
Dreams in the Witch-House: Part two of my witch theme double feature, this is a Master of Horrors short by Stuart Gordon that started off almost silly but really ramped up the darkness and cringe factor by the end. 
A Wonderful Love (short): Short film on Alleluia DVD that was great and also very dark (theme maybe). You can practically smell this film and it smells like mildew and dead male stripper with old maid BO.
The Ghost of Frankenstein: On my quest to watch all of the Frank films i looked and sadly realized this is the last Ygor one. They are all so charming and draw me in using different tactics. The brain swap at the end with Ygor over dub voice brought me pure joy.
Image result for draft day pat healy
Draft Day: An ongoing joke with my Twitter folks is this is the new Pat Healy movie oh and that Costner guy is in it as well. Pat is awesome as bug eyed new NFL owner and yeah that Costner guy is OK too. 
On the Silver Globe: Finally pulled the trigger on purchasing armed with birthday cash. This is a true mind melt and the first act may be my favorite Sci-Fi film of recent viewings. It slips into a dream, rant style which is unique. 
Silent Rage: This movie is like an odd combo pizza that at first you question and then it becomes your favorite pizza. Ingredients: Chuck Norris, unstoppable serial killer, Flounder from Animal House, bar fights, tattooed hooters and low key romance. 
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The Ape Man: On one of my 100 films for a dollar collections. I watched on a whim from an article in Eyeball book. It is short and moves right along. Bela has a great scene when he sulks and says "So I am going to have to stay like this." Fun sprint of a film with maybe one of the first meta moments in horror. 
Blood Rage: I stayed up late on a Friday night and watched this alone in the dark. The closet I will ever get to re creating a night in western Kansas in junior high. In other words one of best nights i have had in a long time. Fun, fun and more fun and it's not cranberry sauce. 
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Against All Odds: One of those 80s films that slipped past me. I saw the Phil Collins' video and thought man this film looks great. It has swooping airplanes, beaches a hot chic with short hair and football. I finally saw it after buying for $1 at a Goodwill, it wasn't bad. Kind of dated but I always appreciate a bummer real life ending. 
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man: Another $1 VHS purchase, I rented at Hastings back in the day and remember being underwhelmed. I was a Mickey Rourke fan even then and felt like he was sleepy in this one. I have to say this is a vehicle for Don Johnson, who is pretty damn charming and i see why the lady cop cannot turn him away. They really do not make silly fun balls out movies like these anymore. And hey Big John Stud is in it too so lighten up