Thursday, August 22, 2013


Skipping rocks into an AC on a humid night in Douglas County

Missing bug sounds and no lock fences for quiet swimming pools

Drunk zig zag path on way home dreaming of romance, not ram rodding but bearing your face in someone’s hair

Piss in the open with no head lights to illuminate your mis demeanor just the stars

Little big man town I miss you as I sit on the perimeter of a true giant town that can crush my spirit with mixed up streets and professional zany characters

How did I get mixed up in the game? Am I the better for it? Riddle me this are you progressing, moving forward being non stagnant…even if you stay home?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ugh Ughs and more Ughs

Noose Tough 1 Roll over eyes- Cheek sneak for two Shouldn’t I be a tossin’ and a turnin’ I pay the lip service w/ garnished plates of words like: Torment Restless Troubled Upset But truly… I mean truly… Really really truly with a cherry on top? I sleep soundly… Like a full bellied pirate And/ Or A properly fucked Viking… Is it me? Noose Tough #2 Why is it so hard to cross this line? What am I running for fucking office? I don’t believe in the magic invisible man in the sky My parents will never visit, hell they don’t even have long distance on their phone We all have lurkings and construction call outs in our hearts Come on big guy dip that toe in…traditional shit has been kicking your ball bag for a lot of years