Sunday, July 18, 2010

The circle of life thru bad sound quality and newsprinty hands

My hair is thinner than it used to be, i don't like to be drunk in public, i am amazed kids get signed before playing live and i appreciate a good nights sleep. But yet i perked up a few months ago when i saw the Gilman exit, wow that famous club we used to read about as young idealistic lads in Dodge City, no way am i going to a show there i mean i gotta work early and that is a bit of a drive and blah blah. I have been checked out of music for some time now, well if you do not count the recent trip to Rasputin's where i bought a lot of old hits from my college DJ days. There is a definite time drop off line around 2001. Wow 9 years out of the loop. They lost me at skinny leg jeans and the dark parade and all. Much too pretty and tech savvy most of these guys are.

So on a Sunday after a nice nap i walked over to the brand spankin' new library to maybe pick up a movie or some discs. I happened to pick up the book about Bay Area Punk "Give Me Something Better. So un punk, in a brand new library, safe out in the burbs with the city in the book close by but hey i was curious and it was an oral history book which i am a sucker for. The book has been great and i cannot put it down but something even more odd came of it.

It got me thinking of Maximum Rock n Roll and how i used to pick them up, how their touring Bible Book Your Own Fucking Life caused my phone bill to jump in college. My roommate booked a tour using that book, nothing like getting an automated voice mail warning you of your bill spiking like your dumb ass roommate's glued hair. I enjoyed the columns but a lot of the music seemed to sound the same and felt kind of sophomoric. Yeah we all hate the cops, we are all poor and hate the system and most of our bands start with The. As far as politics and outlook it reminded me of painting, they were painting wide sections with a big ole brush where i was seeing that not every thing was so broad and sweeping. I would still pick it up from time to time and picked up a few free copies at Love Garden.

So as i thought they have gone partially into the world of the Internet. On a lark i decided to check out some of their podcasts and for the last few days that is pretty much all i have been listening to, especially at work. The DJing is casual and at times i cringe at some of the statements, which i think is a combination of my age and the big ole paint brush is still active in punk music. The boundaries of what they play seem a little loser which is nice and i would say on an average hour podcast i hear about 4 to 5 songs that really appeal to me. Sure some of the songs are not my thing but it is a fun adventure to go thru especially when you are at work surround by Drake and Kanye fans and you are churning out work.

It has been great to now add researching music to my already geeky research of wrestling rarities and comic book finds but i want to keep the punk world at a distance. Granted some of these songs are wonderful but a whole album may not be good, a live show may be awful and uncomfortable. So i am going to love this recent find in my life in this little universe all of its own. These small perfect moments that make me feel a joy that i thought was long gone.

One of my favorite songs is Golden Staph "Dr. Tony", one of the finest 2 minutes songs i have ever heard. They only have a cassette release, ha who is laughing now my 97 Escort once again proves it loves me with its cassette player. Sadly i have not been able to get it thru the links but may send an email to the band.

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