Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Too Mew Pomes by some Jack Ass

A Honky, a Caballero and a Wilted Violet are in a Sub Shop and…
We try not to smirk as the elderly putter about the room
Rattling on about sam wich fixins’, It will most probably be our only we
Your rodeo man lingers about, one eye on you and the other on the free bottled sodas that he will take home along with you tonight
Working with food is a bad enough job indeed
But this, this is a worst case scenario giving people far too much democracy in their waist line fuel
Guys like me with starry eyes and an over inflated sense of romanticism to everyday struggles are not the answers, hell we are not even suggestions or flares of advice
If I could I would,
Knight you or queen you with an office job in the sun
Where you will never have to perch upon a milk crate to sort the cool items …sleep tight

The Nonsense or The Brief Art of a Kind of Fuck You
You or they or them won’t be happy until I am a better me
I won’t rest resisting until I at least have fleas
Told you it was brief